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Masonry Chimney Caps

Custom Copper Hip Cap

Custom Black Hip Cap

We offer the custom made hip style chimney caps to add to the beauty of your home and to protect your chimney from the elements of rain, snow and animals.  We will come out and take measurements and give you a quote on the job.  Our chimney caps are powdered coated from the factory and will not fade over time.

Available In:
   Powdered Coated Black
call now:(770) 429-8320

SIngle Flue Cap (Black)

Multi-flue Cap

SIngle Flue Cap (Stainless Steel)

SIngle & Multi-flue Flue Cap (Copper)


We carry the following top brands in chimney caps:  Gelco, Homesaver Pro, and  Hy-C.

These caps are available for single flue and multi-flue chimneys.  These caps serve as a spark arrestor and to keep leaves and debris out as well as pesky animals and those annoying chimney swifts.

Available In:
   Powdered Coated Black
   Stainless Steel

call now:(770) 429-8320

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