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Fireplace Remodeling, Fireplace Repair

Chimney Rebuilding and Repair

Below is an example of a rotted chimney chase due to poor homeowner maintenance. The entire fireplace had to be removed and the chimney chase was replaced. In replacing the chase we installed a fire stop per NFPA 211 standard code and insulated the chimney to prevent cold drafts from entering the home. We then installed a custom cap with a 10 year warranty.

Fireplace Remodeling

Fireplace demo

Fireplace Repair

Rebuild Chimney Chase

Fireplace Rebuilding

Finished Chimney Chase

Below is an example of where we replaced and installed a new fireplace without effecting the existing rock surround. The glass doors did not have to be removed and the homeowner was able to save a lot of money and a lot of time. We will perform all aspects of the job, such as the gas, sheetrock, siding and everything that is needed to finish the job.